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About Pyrite Dollar (Pyrite Sun)

The Rock Professor has provided you with a mineral
information card.  Print on stock paper, and cut out to
enhance your rock and mineral products.

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Example of PYRITE DOLLAR (PYRITE SUN) in the Rock Professor


Formed in the seams between black shale and coal  300,000,000 years ago, these pyrite dollars do not appear to be fossils, but an aggregate of tiny pyrite crystals. 

Today, they are collected by coal miners in Randolph County, Illinois.  As the Illinois coal mines are shut down one by one, these specimens will become more and more rare.

Chemistry: Iron Sulfide Class: Sulfides ♦ 
Color: brass-yellow ♦ Luster: metallic Transparency: opaque
Fracture: none/conchoidal
Crystal system: Isometric ♦ 
Moh's hardness: 6-6.5 Localities: Sparta, Randolph Co. Illinois












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