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Amazonite Sphere

Amazonite Sphere

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This beautiful Amazonite Sphere is polished and perfect for decorating any living space. The small, gemstone sphere is cut from genuine amazonite and is perfect for keeping on a desktop or end table. Its unique and stunning natural coloring will bring a unique touch to any room.

You will receive the item pictured.  An acrylic stand is included with purchase.

Dimensions: 1.45"Diameter

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AMAZONITE derives its name from the Amazon River, however it is doubtful that the stone occurs in that region. It is a green to blue-green variety of Microcline, a feldspar mineral. Amazonite is used in jewelry, where it is usually cut into a cabochon form. It is also quite lovely used in carved objects. Because of its color and texture it is sometimes mistaken
for jade.

The color of AMAZONITE varies from green, yellow-green to blue-green, and in some gemstones demonstrates white streaks. Colorado is a well-known locality for crystals of amazonite, and it is also found in Madagascar and Brazil.

Species: Feldspar ♦ Variety: Microcline ♦ Chemistry: Potassium Aluminum Silicate ♦ Moh's hardness: 6-6.5 ♦ Crystal Form: Triclinic, prismatic ♦ Polish Luster: Vitreous to greasy ♦ Fracture: Uneven to splintery ♦ Color: Green, blue-green ♦ Fluorescence: Weak, olive-green ♦ Locality: Colorado, Brazil, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Nambia, Russia and Zimbabwe