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The Crystal Cache

Arizona Petrified Wood Bookends

Arizona Petrified Wood Bookends

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Due to the assortment of colors found in these trees, this wood has been nicknamed "Rainbow Wood". The material is found in northeastern Arizona, in Navajo and Apache Counties, in the Triassic Chinle formation, 200 to 250 million years in age.

During this time, trees buried in sand and mud had the wood cells replaced by silica. The specimens we have for sale were collected legally, and not in the Petrified Forest National Park. The wood is now extremely hard, and takes a brilliant polish. Much of the original bark is still present.

Together the bookends weigh over 20 pounds, providing a sturdy support for any bookshelf. You will receive the item pictured.

Dimensions: Overall Width 13", 7.7"Hx2.5"D

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