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Cactus Quartz Specimen

Cactus Quartz Specimen

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This Cactus Quartz Specimen is a stunning example of the unique mineral found in select geologic locations. Its crystal-like structure, deep hues, and striking features make it an exciting showpiece. Its sheer beauty, rare qualities, and strong energy make it a great addition to any mineral collection.  Also known as Spirit Quartz.

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Dimensions: 4.6"3.5"x2", 1.11 Lbs.

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Cactus Quartz (Spirit Quartz)

Cactus Quartz, or Spirit Quartz, was first discovered in 1986 in the Magaliesberg Mountain Range near Pretoria, South Africa. It was called "Spirit Quartz" by the South African tribal medicine men who used them for healing rituals. Cactus quartz is formed by a quartz or amethyst crystal being encrusted by a second generation of smaller crystals grown on its faces. It occurs as quartz, citrine and amethyst, and comes in a wide range of colors, including purple amethyst, violet amethyst, smoky, milky clear and golden citrine.

Cactus quartz (spirit quartz) has the mineral properties of the QUARTZ GROUP: Chemistry: Silicon dioxide mineral ♦ Transparency: Transparent to translucent ♦ Luster: Vitreous ♦ Crystal system: Hexagonal, trigonal ♦ Moh's hardness: 7 ♦ Color: Purple amethyst, violet amethyst, smoky, milky clear, golden citrine, others ♦ Locality: South Africa.