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Chrysocolla Specimen

Chrysocolla Specimen

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This Chrysocolla Specimen is natural and composed of a beautiful mix of blue and green hues. Perfect for collectors and admirers of genuine gemstones, this specimen is sure to make for a stunning addition to any home.

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Dimensions: 7"x3.2"x2.3"

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Chrysocolla is a secondary mineral found in oxidized zones of copper deposits. It is abundant in the southwestern United States as well as in numerous areas worldwide. It is sometimes confused with turquoise, but it is softer. It is cryptocrystalline and is typically found in masses or fracture fillings.

Chemistry: hydrous copper silicate ♦ Transparency: opaque ♦ Luster: vitreous to waxy ♦ Crystal system: orthorhombic ♦ Moh's hardness: 2-4 ♦ Color: green or blue ♦ Mineral associations: copper, malachite, azurite ♦ Localities: USA, Chile, England, France, Russia, Africa.