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Dugway Geode

Dugway Geode

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This Dugway Geode, with its crystal cavity and stunning agate banding, is a unique mineralogical formation and a breathtaking natural wonder. Believed to form over the course of thousands of years, you can now own a piece of earth's history. It has felt on the base to protect any surface you wish to display the geode.

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Dimensions: 5.5"x4.1"x2.8"

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Dugway Geodes

DUGWAY GEODES Juab County, Utah
These unusual single and multi-cavity geodes are Utah's version of Thunder Eggs. Within a rhyolite exterior shell, druzy and crystalline quartz-lined cavities were formed by silica-rich fluids seeping into cavities formed in the rhyolite.

Some geodes have up to 5 or 6 crystal pockets, some are connected to each other, and some have small islands of banded rhyolite "floating" between the cavities. The geodes are dug from sediments formed by the ancient Lake Bonneville, and range from tiny up to about 1 foot in diameter.

Geode material: Ryolite, Quartz ♦ Transparency: Opaque with translucent crystals ♦ Luster: Adamantine ♦ Color: Earth color, crystals are lavender gray ♦ Locality: Juab County, Utah