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The Crystal Cache

Dugway Geode Bookends

Dugway Geode Bookends

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These unusual geodes are found about 80 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, in west central Utah. The deposit is adjacent to the US Army’s Dugway Proving Grounds, which is a large army testing facility. The geodes are essentially gas pockets formed in massive rhyolitic lavas of Miocene Age(5-10million years). 

The geode cavities are lined with chalcedony of distinct and irregular shapes, with quartz crystals in formations that are very striking. The geodes are mined from the deposit, then cut and polished, and are quite different than geodes from any other parts of the world. You will receive the item pictured. Acrylic stands are included with purchase.

You will receive the item pictured.

Dimensions: 8.6"x5.8"x2.8"

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