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The Crystal Cache

Malachite Freeform

Malachite Freeform

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Malachite is composed of 66% copper, plus carbon and oxygen (contrary to rumors, 
it has NO Arsenic). Today, less and less malachite is available, because the world's
largest copper mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are being bought up
by Chinese mining companies for their copper content. The Congo is the world's largest source of pure carveable malachite, although it is found in many other countries.

Malachite is a heavy mineral, due to its copper, and it forms in banded layers, being beautiful when polished, sometimes having a silky appearance. It is cut and polished for jewelry in pendants and beads, but is somewhat too soft for rings.

When carved into shapes, freeforms or animals, malachite is truly a mineral wonder.

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