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Multi-Stone Sunstone Pendant

Multi-Stone Sunstone Pendant

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This modern and stylish pendant features a vibrant sunstone center, surrounded by stunning white topaz and ecstasy topaz accents set in sterling silver. This beautiful multi-stone pendant will make a statement and bring sparkle and elegance to any outfit.

You will receive the item pictured.

Dimensions: 1.5"x0.6"x0.3", Sunstone 5.2 carats, White Topaz 0.2 carats, Ecstasy Topaz 2.5 carats

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Sunstone belongs to the feldspar mineral group. It is know for the play of colors and shimmering appearance. It is highly valued for its unique optical phenomena, including adularescence and the Schiller effect. Sunstone gets its name from the warm and radiant colors which resemble the sun. The formation is associated with igneous rocks formed through plutonic intrusions. It is composed mainly from orthoclase that contains varying amounts of copper or hematite.

Species: quartz - variety of chalcedony ♦ Chemistry: silicon dioxide ♦ Color: orange, red, brown, and yellow ♦ Cleavage: well developed ♦ Transparency: transparent to translucent ♦ Luster: vitreous ♦ Crystal System: monoclinic ♦ Moh's Hardness: 6-6.5 ♦ Localities: Canada, Tanzania, India, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka