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Petrified Wood Stump Slice

Petrified Wood Stump Slice

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This petrified wood stump slice is a natural decorative piece to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Its unique petrified wood material preserves the form of a real tree stump, giving it a beautiful rustic look. With this one-of-a-kind item, you can capture the beauty of nature and enhance any home decor. This slice has an angled cut the thickness tapers from 1.4"to 0.1"

You will receive the item pictured.

Dimensions: 5.5" Diameter

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Petrified Wood Fossil

Petrified wood: The name comes from the Greek "petro" or "rock", and refers to wood that has been turned to stone. The process of petrification preserves parts of ancient trees in fossil form. When the wood becomes buried under sediment, mineral-rich water flows through the sediment and replaces the cells' structure with minerals, producing a very good stone copy of the original piece of wood. The predominant minerals in petrified wood are silicates, such as quartz.

It's quite wondrous to examine a piece of petrified wood, knowing that it represents part of a hugh forest existing millions of year ago.

Minerals : Quartz, manganese, iron, copper, carbon, cobalt, chromium, iron oxides. ♦ Classification: Fossil ♦ Moh's hardness: 7 ♦ Color: Brown, red, yellow, orange, black green/blue ♦ Localities : Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Egypt, Greece, Libya, United States, Australia, India, New Zealand.