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Rose Quartz Bookends

Rose Quartz Bookends

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These Rose Quartz Bookends are an elegant addition to any display shelf. Crafted with a polished face and rough back, each piece is carved from a natural Brazilian rose quartz. Their sophisticated look and stability make them ideal for supporting books and other items.

You will receive the item pictured.

Dimensions: Overall Width 9.6"x. 6.3"Hx2.6"D

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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz - a variety of QUARTZ - ranges from pale pink to deep rose, and sometimes even to an amethystine hue. Generally, rose quartz is massive in form, and is rarely found as crystals. It is sometimes used as a semiprecious stone, and takes an impressive polish. Rose quartz is usually found within pegmatites, often occurring with micas and tourmaline.

Chemistry: SiO2 ♦ Variety: Quartz ♦ Transparency: transparent to translucent ♦ Luster: vitreous ♦ Crystal system: trigonal ♦ Moh's hardness: 7 ♦ Color: Various shades of purple ♦ Localities: Worldwide, with notable western hemisphere occurrences in Brazil, Uruguay, Ontario, Vera Cruz, Mexico, Guerrero, Mexico, Maine, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado.