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Rose Quartz Heart

Rose Quartz Heart

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This Rose Quartz Heart is polished to reveal its beautiful natural hues and is ideal for decoration or gifting. The naturally calming energy of rose quartz is attributed to its high mineral content, which helps to foster feelings of tranquility. It is a perfect way to bring peace to a home or work environment.

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Dimensions: 3.5"x3.5"

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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz - a variety of QUARTZ - ranges from pale pink to deep rose, and sometimes even to an amethystine hue. Generally, rose quartz is massive in form, and is rarely found as crystals. It is sometimes used as a semiprecious stone, and takes an impressive polish. Rose quartz is usually found within pegmatites, often occurring with micas and tourmaline.

Chemistry: SiO2 ♦ Variety: Quartz ♦ Transparency: transparent to translucent ♦ Luster: vitreous ♦ Crystal system: trigonal ♦ Moh's hardness: 7 ♦ Color: Various shades of purple ♦ Localities: Worldwide, with notable western hemisphere occurrences in Brazil, Uruguay, Ontario, Vera Cruz, Mexico, Guerrero, Mexico, Maine, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado.