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Shark Tooth in Matrix

Shark Tooth in Matrix

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Discover a unique piece of history with the Shark Tooth in Matrix fossil. This genuine fossilized shark tooth is a preserved remnant from the world's pre-historic oceans and provides a fascinating glimpse into the distant past. The tooth is set in a rippled matrix of sedimentary rock, its original host matrix.

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Dimensions: 4.5"x4.5"

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Shark Tooth Fossil (Caracharocles Megalodon)

Miocene - 15 million years old Evidence of its existence: Fossilized teeth and some minor bones.

This amazing fossilized shark tooth is the petrified remains of a species known as CHARCHAROCLES MEGALODON and was once believed to have been related to the great white shark. ThiS distant cousin of the mako shark is thought to have been the size of a railroad box car (approximately 50 feet), to have weighed eight times more than a great white, and to have hunted whales when it cruised the oceans 15 million years ago.